CDC Reports U.S. Cigarette Smoking Rate Is At New Low

Cigarette smoking is becoming less popular! 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that cigarette use among American adults is at the lowest it's been since the the CDC started collecting data (about smoking) in 1965.

The report released on Thursday says: 

"The good news is that cigarette smoking has reached unprecedented lows, which is a tremendous public health win, down to 14 percent from over 40 percent in the mid-1960s." 

The report was released by the CDC's Office on Smoking and Health - which accounts that about 47.4 million Americans (19.3 %) used tobaccos products (not strictly cigarettes) in 2017.

The senior author of the report and deputy director for research translation, Brian King, believes that the decline is due to proven interventions, such as smoke-free policies and rises in the price of tobacco products.

The 2017 sample included 26,742 adults and had a response rate of 53%. This research analyzed the use of five types of tobacco products: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. 

"During 2016-2017 declines occurred in current use of any tobacco product; any combustible tobacco product, [two or more] tobacco products; cigarettes; and smokeless tobacco," the report says.

Cigarettes have been a public health concern for many years now, so to have proof that less people are indeed smoking cigarettes is something many health officials are celebrating. 

How do you feel about the results of this report?  

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