Majority of Parents Admit They Steal Their Kids' Halloween Candy

"Hey, what happened to the Snickers and Twix in my Halloween basket?"

Sorry, kid. Chances are you parents ate them. 

A study examining America’s Halloween candy-eating habits found that many parents are sneakier than we imagined. In fact, 86% of parents won't hesitate to steal treats/candies from their kids. 

This research conducted by Crest and OnePoll had more than 2,000 participants (1,000 parents and 1,000 non-parents). It revealed that moms and dads don’t just stop at one or two pieces of candy. The average candy-snatching parent devours a fourth of their child’s total Halloween candy collection. 

The study results get better; Forty-four percent of parents will eat more candy than their children during the Halloween season.

Four in ten (4 in 10) adults say they enjoy the holiday even more now than when they were a child. For 37 percent of these adults, the reason why is because there’s no limit on the amount of candy they can consume.

These results are proof that Halloween is for everyone! Let me know what you guys think! I love Halloween and the candy I get to steal from my boys.

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