Cafeteria Staff Gives Students Inspiring Messages On Bananas

The cafeteria manager at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA penned messages of hope and love to students on bananas! 

The inspirational messages ranged from "smile", "you are enough", "follow your dreams" to simply "just breathe." Truly amazing, right?

The cafeteria manager's random act of kindness has caught the attention of many, something she never imagined would happen. 

According to Yahoo!, Kingston Elementary's principal - Sharon Shewbridge - discussed with the press that the cafeteria manager is almost embarrassed about all the attention she is getting. “She just wanted it to be anonymous. But I said this is so simple and amazing — and it has such an impact on kids.

See the inspirational bananas, which Principal Shewbridge took to Twitter, below:


The Yahoo! article also explained that the idea to inscribe the bananas with messages came from the cafeteria manager's own mother, who encouraged her to start doing it at home. 

Students are calling the inspirational bananas "talking bananas" because of the impactful messages they are leaving with the students grades 1-5. 

Although the “talking bananas” were a first for the school, Shewbridge says she imagines the students might see them again soon. “It’s simple, but these words can help them be more courageous and realize that they are good enough,” says Shewbridge. “I hope that other schools see it’s an easy way to get a kind message to kids.”

I hope you're crying tears of joy just as much as I am right now. This is so beautiful and touching. Let's hope other school pick up on this random act of kindness and it becomes a new trend! 

This is exactly what the world needs right now. I'd love to hear what you guys feel about this.

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