Should You Get A Gift For A Baby Shower If You Can't Attend?

Between your friends and family, you've probably attended multiple baby showers throughout the years.

Like most people, while I'd love to be there to celebrate the new bundles of joy, I simply can't make it to every single one. I found an article on that got me thinking about this question: If I can't make it to the baby shower (or any other event really), should I worry about getting a gift?

The purpose of this blog is to simply open up the discussion about the topic, and you can argues the pros and cons of both sides. 

Laurel Niedospial, a contributor at went on to post this:

"I'm in no way saying that a person who misses a shower can't bring a gift at a later date or send the happy couple one if they wish. If you can and want to buy a gift, that's wonderful! I just mean that you should be under no obligation to do so if you RSVPd no and didn't attend the actual party. If I don't make it to a wedding, I don't feel forced to still buy something off the registry. Baby showers, birthday parties, and other celebrations should be the same."

I must agree with Niedospial that this societal expectation may simply be unfair for many. What if you can't afford to buy a gift for you friend? Sure the point of the "Shower" is to shower your the person with gifts.

The article's author went on to argue that "An invitation is not an invoice." Ultimately, she states that no, you shouldn't feel pressured to buy gifts for a shower you aren't attending.

Like her, I genuinely believe that all gifts should be given from the heart. Forcing your friends and family to give you gifts because of some social obligation should not be the case.

Let me know what you guys think! Do you think you should provide a gift if you've been invited, EVEN if you cannot attend the event? Leave your comments, and don't forget to show your love for Laurel Niedospial.

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