The Petition Worked: Bagel Emoji Now Has Cream Cheese

A couple of weeks ago, Philadelphia Cream Cheese's Twitter account vocalized how upset they were abou the lack of cream cheese on the bagel emoji. So upset, they went on to petition that Apple add the delicious dairy product to their plain emoji. 

Well...that petition worked, because in Apple's most recent iOS update, the cream cheese (traditional cream cheese, though) was added to the bagel emoji.

 Not only was Philadelphia's request fulfilled, the update emoji now has a more doughy look to it! 

Philadelphia rejoiced that their petition worked by posted on their Twitter account - inventing the hashtag #HappyBagel to celebrate the occasion. See below: 


That said, the emoji will look different depending on the app being used to type it, so it will still be plain on Microsoft and Samsung devices. It’s got sesame seeds on Twitter, though! (interesting, right?)

A HUGE shout-out to Philadelphia for taking the initiative to get this change to happen. Let's celebrate this #HappyBagel by eating a delicious bagel with cream cheese! Yummy! 

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