Lyft Is Now Offering A Monthly Subscription Plan

Lyft is taking the ride-share business to the next level. The ride-hailing company is rolling out a monthly subscription plan, offering 30 rides for $299.

According to the fine print, each Lyft ride is worth $15 (if you take a longer route that's worth more, you'll pay the difference). If your ride is less than $15, it will still count as a $15 minimum ride.

The company says the "All-Access" plan equals $450 worth of rides, but you're getting it for just $299. If that isn't enough to get you on board, you should know that you will get an additional 5% discount on additional rides over the initial 30 that you get with the subscription. 

Lyft;s monthly subscription comes as an alternative to young people owning cars. Remember a few weeks back Lyft announced that they wanted people to ditch their cars? Well this is the next step to this initiative.

Lyft estimates the average cost of car ownership is $9,000 yearly, so you'll still be able to get around for lower than owning a new car. 

Lyft's vice president, Katie Dil, feels this subscription plan is another way to encourage people to leave their cars at home and get more vehicles off the roads. "We want to make it easy as Netflix is with TV."

This is going to be extremely beneficial for many people in large cities. I do want to now how you readers are feeling about this. Especially those of you who use ride-sharing often! 

I'm just excited to see if Lyft will manage to actually get more vehicles of the road! 

Photos: Getty Images and courtesy of Lyft

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