In-N-Out Has Zero Plans To Expand East of Texas

If you live east of Texas (aka The East Coast), it looks like you're not going to get an In-N-Out Burger any time soon.

The president of the popular fast-food chain has stated that In-N-Out Burger will not expand eastward of Texas within her "lifetime."

Lynsi Snyder, In-N-Out's 36-year-old president, told Forbes that she's committed to acting as a “guardian” for the burger joint — and its tradition of geographic exclusivity — that her grandparents Harry and Esther Synder first founded in Baldwin Park, Calif. in 1948.


Here are some of the highlights of the Forbes interview:

I don’t see us stretched across the whole U.S. I don’t see us in every state. Take Texas — draw a line up and just stick to the left. That’s in my lifetime,” Snyder said of her plans for the family $3-billion franchise.

I like that we’re sought after when someone’s coming into town. I like that we’re unique. That we’re not on every corner. You put us in every state and it takes away some of its luster,” she added.

These are In-N-Out's mouth-watering products: 


In-N-Out, which just celebrated 68 years of serving their delicious burgers, fries and milkshakes will continue to operate with "old-school values", which Snyders says she wouldn't have it any other way. 

She states that “It’s not [about] adding new products. Or thinking of the next bacon-wrapped this or that. We’re making the same burger, the same fry. We’re really picky and strategic. We’re not going to compromise.

...See AND that's why people love In-N-Out. Not only do they serve delicious and inexpensive food, but they stay committed to being the company they started off as. 

How do my California folks feel about this? Well really anyone West of Texas? How about my East Coast people? How do you guys feel about In-N-Out's absence on your side of the country?  

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