Greece Bans 'Overweight' Tourists From Riding Donkeys

Lawmakers in Greece have announced that they are adding a "lighter" regulation for tourists who desire to ride a donkey. 

It was announced that Greece's popular coastal donkey rides would be limited to tourists “weighing less than 100 kilograms or 220 pounds. If some cases, one-fifth of the donkey’s body weight,” the law states according to CNN.

As part of the new regulations established by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the animals “should not be loaded with excessive weight for their size, age or physical condition.”

Many are rejoicing about this new regulation, as it puts the health and safety of the animal first. Under the new law, all donkey owners must also take responsibility for the donkey's condition, ensuring that their health, stables, workstations, and food/water supply are all well-maintained, clean, and free from infection.

Greece's use of donkey's for transportation is highly popular, as some portions of tourist hotspots aren't vehicle-accessible.

In recent years, Greece claims that the rise of obesity has taken a toll on the donkeys. According to Greek City Timeslocals have even started to crossbreed animals to create mules as a way to keep up with the influx of larger-sized tourists and demand for stronger animals.

I think this is a great consideration for the animals. How are you all feeling about this new law in Greece? I'd love to hear back from you guys!

Photos: Getty Images

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