Petition Calls To Have Cream Cheese Added To Bagel Emoji

Apple's new iOS 12 finally brought us a new bagel emoji. Strangely, that bagel did not include any cream cheese, and many are not happy about that! 

Let's be many of us actually eat our bagels without cream cheese? (Don't answer that.) Well, according to the cream cheese company, Philadelphia, 18% of people like their bagels dry! 

Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand isn't so happy with the plain bagel emoji, that they actually went to Twitter to start a petition to have Apple add cream cheese to their emoji. 

Based on their first Twitter survey, Philadelphia found that 82% of participants want a cream cheese filled bagel, while the remaining 18 don't. See the poll below: 


After seeing that a majority of the public wants the revamped emoji, Philadelphia also posted a petition at Their goal of 1,000 signatures has already received more than 950, so it's all looking good from here. 

According to USA Today, the head of marking at Philadelphia Brand, Ariel Suffern, insists that "A bagel needs its cream cheese – it isn’t a bagel without it. The two have been inseparable for more than 100 years. As America’s favorite cream cheese, we knew people were passionate about this combination. But after the emoji was released, we saw an immediate uproar on social media of leaving cream cheese off the bagel. We knew we had to take action."

If you want to join the petition to get cream cheese added to the bagel emoji, the Tweet link is below, or you can click here:


It wouldn't hurt to have both options...just saying.

Photos: Twitter 

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