The Best Place In L.A. To Get Tacos on #NationalTacoDay

It's #NationalTacoDay and if you're an Angeleno, you must indulge!

If you live in Los Angeles, they are part of our lives just like the air we breath. Tacos are Los Angeles. 

You cannot have Los Angeles without tacos. You will find every variation in this city, but nothing absolutely nothing compares to tacos al vapor (steamed tacos)!

Tacos al vapor are often made of beef cabeza (head), cachete (cheeks), labio (lips), and lengua (tongue).

This style of tacos are steamed and covered with a towel allowing the meat AND tortilla to soften and melt in your mouth when you take the first bite. A religious experience. 

Now that I have your attention (and you're salivating), let me tell you where you can get THE best tacos al vapor: Tacos Estilo Guadalajara in Lynwood (and Downey). 

Their tacos are topped with the classics: cilantro, cebolla (onion), and two type of salsas. Yes, TWO...because that is what creates its magic. Salsa verde and habanero salsa. 

There is nothing like this. Ever. 

Look at this Boomerang posted on Tacos Estilo Guadalajara's Instagram account. It;s their signature habanero salsa....just look at it:


You will find a handful of tacos al vapor restaurants and trucks around Los Angeles, but there is only this one place (actually two locations) where you can experience these magical tacos! You will not be able to explain what just happened to you. You will ask yourself, did I just take a bite of heaven? 

Go there today. In Los Angeles, every day is #NATIONALTACODAY. You'll thank me later! 


Photos: Instagram 

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