A British University Has 'Banned' Clapping At Events

The student union at the University of Manchester has voted to make the student experience at public events a little more inclusive.

The vote will lead to a swap from traditional clapping and cheering at their events in favor of British Sign Language (BSL) clapping or 'jazz hands.'

The University's newspaper, The Mancunion, states that the decision was made because traditional loud clapping and whooping noises can be issue for students with anxiety or sensory issues. 

BSL clapping is considered much more inclusive to all students, according to the Union, who added that the motion received little opposition as the National Union of Students had incorporated 'jazz hands' since 2015.

Now remember, while you may not agree with the decision, this is a different culture and a different country. The student union's officer Sarah Khan told news network BBC that clapping, loud noises and whooping encourage an atmosphere that is not all that respectful.

"It can trigger issues for students have autism, sensory issues and deafness and it can discourage them from being present at those events," she defends. 

The decision of course brought a mixed response online. Even Piers Morgan reacted to the decision. Check out some of the Tweets:


Inclusivity is always important, but clapping and cheering have always been a part of the entertainment experience. I would love to hear how you guys feel about this University of Manchester decision.

Photos: Twitter and Getty Images

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