Apparently We've Been Singing The "Drake & Josh" Song Wrong

Do you remember the iconic Teen Nick show "Drake & Josh"? Of course you do. You probably remember the show's theme song more than anything, right? Sure! 

Well, while you can continue to belt the catchphrases from the show such as “Hug me brother!”, “Megan!”, "Where's the toilet?!" or “That is not my job!", you may want to RE-learn the lyrics to "Found A Way" by the one and only Drake Bell. 

During one of his most recent show, Drake Bell paused and lectured his fans that that they've been singing "Found A Way" incorrectly for more than 12 years! 

Don't believe me? Watch this video below and then we can continue: 


We've been singing: 

"If you open up your mind/See what’s inside/It’s gonna take some time to realize.” 

It really is:

“It’s gonna take some time to re-align.”

I mean COME ON! Even the YouTube lyrics and websites had it as "realize". Childhood ruined.  


The song is still a BOP whether it is "re-align" or "realize"! 

Twitter for sure reacted and everyone seems to be on the same page about this! Check out these hilarious Tweets:


We can now add this to the devastation when the show's house was demolished in real life. Drake Bell's reaction broke all if our hearts, but life must move on! 


Let me know what you guys think? Are you as shook as the rest of us? I'd love to hear back from you all! 

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