M&M's Is Reportedly Debuting Three New Flavors

Do random and crazy flavors excite you? Do you love M&M's? Well rejoice because M&M's is reportedly introducing a few new flavors in 2019.

Brent Timm, who runs a food vlog called SnackChat Live, introduced that the M&M brand is set to release three types of peanut M&M's next year and the flavors are insane: Thai Coconut, Mexican Jalapeño, and English Toffee.

Timm went to his video blog's Instagram account to show off the packaging for all three of the new flavors. Check out the packaging below: 


These "internationally inspired" chocolates are coming in a new colors too to match the packaging.

While the original peanut M&M's have a bright yellow package, the packages for the coconut, jalapeño, and toffee flavors are sky blue, emerald green, and orange, respectively.

Instagram user @candyhunting posted a photo of the Mexican Jalapeno Peanut and it appears they come in green and yellow! 


In the comments sections under SnackChat Live and Candy Hunting's posts, fans expressed their excitement over the new peanut-based M&M's. Many said the new flavors look "tasty" and "so good." Others said they "can't wait" to taste them.

Of course with anything NEW, there is polarity and other users commented that they're not quite so excited for some of the flavors - specifically the jalapeno one. 

Judging by the packaging for these new flavors, which feature the words "Vote and You Could Win" in the lower right corner, M&M's will likely ask consumers to vote for the one they like best.

If the rumors are true, and these are set to be released, which one would you guys be most excited about trying? 

I personally would love to try the Mexican Jalapeno Peanut flavors, but I am mostly excited for the new toffee flavor! 

Photos: Via Instagram

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