There's A Gym That Offers 'Fortnite'-inspired Fitness Classes

There is a chain of gyms in Europe that is working to help get kids off the couch, and more active with Fortnite-inspired classes.

David Lloyd gyms are the latest gyms to join the "Fortnite" bandwagon! How you may ask? With its "Emote Royale" classes, in a bid to get kids to "swap controllers for choreography."

The classes don't include controllers or screens of any kind. Simply dance moves that the avatars in the game do.

Watch the the fitness class in action below:  


Thus far, the demographic of the class are younger players (around age 12) and from the looks of it, they are really enjoying it.

With a "Fortnite"-themed soundtrack blasting, class-goers will tackle 12 dances inspired by the popular game, working their way up from the wiggle to the floss and the robot via orange justice, take the L, best mates, jubilation, hype, flapper, fresh, boneless and the worm. But I mean, come on, most of us already know these dance moves from social media...and well...Drake, right? 

A poll by the gym firm revealed that kids are set to spend over two hours every day playing the game this summer, and the classes are an attempt to help parents balance that screen time with physical activity.

As well as dragging kids to the gym, the club also recommends that parents spend time playing the game with their children, so they get a better idea of what's going on and get a mental workout of their own. I'm not sure if I would play the game with my kids, but I think it would be something for more tech-savvy parents to enjoy with their kids.  

The Emote Royale classes will be added to selected DL Kids timetables across the country throughout the summer. Let's see if gyms here in the USA and across the world are going to pick up the trend, cause I think this is amazing! 

What do you guys think? Parents would you be willing r=to get your kids in this? 

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