Your Favorite Disney Songs Are Just As Good In Spanish

Let's be real. We all love Disney animated films, and we especially love the soundtracks that come along. Disney films have played a big role in most of our childhoods. In fact, most of us could probably sing just about every song. 

The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Jungle Book, name it! All of their songs sure bring back a sense of nostalgia! 

Well if you're like me and watched both the Spanish and English versions Disney movies, then this blog is dedicated to you.

I recently got both of my sons into watching Disney classics in Spanish, and let me tell you that it one of the most delightful decisions I have ever made.

Not only is it a great way to get your kids to sing and learn Spanish, but the joy that it brings them both during and after the film is something you have to experience. The other day my boys and I watched The Little Mermaid in Spanish, and for days after, we were able to bond by singing the songs together. 

While I was cooking dinner, I could hear my oldest singing "bajo el mar" while he was with his younger brother in the living room. It brought me so much joy! 

Below I am providing my favorite Spanish songs that you and your family will love. I warn you though, you won't stop singing them! 

Bajo El Mar (Under The Sea) from The Little Mermaid


Esto Es Amor (So This Is Love) from Cinderella


Un Mundo Ideal (A Whole New World) from Aladdin


Busca Lo Más Vital from Jungle Book


Eres Tu El Principe Ideal  (Once Upon A Dream) from Sleeping Beauty


Yo Quisiera Ser El Rey from Lion King


Libre Soy from Frozen


Recuerdame (Remember Me) from Coco


De Nada (You’re Welcome) from Moana


De Cero A Heroe from Hercules


You'll be singing along in no time to lyrics you didn't even know were still hidden somewhere deep in your brain.

What are some of your favorites? I would love to know! 


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