Google Promises To Fix A Raunchy Auto-Fill Suggestion On It's Gboard


Auto-correct and auto-fill can either be our best friend or our worst enemy. 

Well apparently Google phones are are experiencing a bug that auto-completes "sit" or "sit on" to "sit on my face." 

Since the hilarious, yet embarrassing big has become known, Google has promised to fix the bug.

The raunchy message is a failing of Google’s predictive text algorithms. Google uses messages you’ve previously sent to work out what you might want to say next – and will suggest words and phrases for you to use. 

But it can also suggest words or phrases that you’ve never previously uttered, which can sometimes cause problems.

One Twitter user said they were messaging their babysitter and asked “Hey! Are you free to sit,” and came close to sending a dodgy message after Google offered up “on my face” as a suggestion, as spotted by Buzzfeed. 


Google is well aware of the issue, and released a statement saying: “Gboard is designed to avoid such predictions in its generic models.

“But human language is complex and as with any sort of system that filters sensitive phrases, sometimes inappropriate suggestions make it through the machine learning models. When we learn of an inappropriate suggestion we work quickly to remove it.

The giant tech company actively filters (essentially blacklisting) some words or phrases from Gboard to stop this kind of thing from happening.

That would be so embarrassing! Imagine you accidentally send that to your child's baby sitter or to your boss? 

The bug appeared to affect Google’s Gboard keyboard, which can be used across a host of apps on Android smartphones. 

Tell what you guys think? Has this ever happened to any of you? 

Photos: Android Instagram

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