Check Out These Amazing Latinx-Inspired Air Fresheners

If you're looking to bring a little more life to your car (or any desired space), start by throwing out those old air fresheners and replacing them with the amazing Fuchila Air Fresheners! 

Fuchila Fresheners are Latinx-inspired air fresheners that besides odorizing your car, they showcase Chicanx and Latinx pride and culture!

The illustrated designs reminiscent of many cultural icons such as conchitas, masked wrestlers, Frida Kahlo, piƱatas, Selena Quintanilla and even delicious Mexican treats - Mazapanes! 


Now if you're wondering what "fuchila" means, it is a slang term used to exclaim that it smells. So next time one of your friends farts around you, or you walk into a porta-potty, remember that "fuchila" would be the appropriate term to use. 

The idea for Fuchila Fresheners came from Chicano artist Ruben Dario Villa, because he was tired of seeing the "feo" (ugly) little green trees" on people's rearview mirrors.

"I designed a line of air fresheners that not only look and smell great, but you can hang with orgullo from your mirror (even long after the smell has faded). No gas station air fresheners ni que nada!" he wrote on his company's site.

Scroll down to see some of their stunning art or visit their Instagram page:


What do you guys think? Aren't these the coolest AND cutest air fresheners ever?! My favorite are the paletas-inspired ones and the Frida Kahlo ones. 

Now if you purchase one of these hip air-fresheners, all proceeds from sales go toward the Fuchila Familia Fund, which gives entrepreneurial scholarships to youths starting their own businesses.

Photos: Getty Images 

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