Lush Has A Soap Dedicated To Shark Week

It's officially Shark Week - the 30th to be exact - and there are so many creative ways to celebrate.

Many of you will either visit an aquarium, watch all the Sharknado films, or rewatch Katy Perry's 2015 Super Bowl Half-Time Show! Now what if I told you that you can get into a 'sharky' spirit with some soap? 

Well, Lush Cosmetics has released their popular 'Shark Fin Soap' just in time for  you to celebrate this year's Shark Week...AND you don't have to actually get near any sharks! 


Lush's Shark Fin Soap has been around since 2014, but only for Shark Week and only in very limited quantities. 

The beautiful, ocean-inspired bar of soap is made from coconut oil, rapeseed oil, sea salt, arame seaweed, lime oil, lavender oil, and other natural ingredients, all of which help to soften and hydrate your skin.

Watch the "Lush How It's Made: Shark Fin Soap" video below. You'll be surprised to learn that the soap is completely vegan. The adorable shark fins are placed individually by hand, as well. The paper shark fins are there to raise awareness of the cruel practice of shark-finning.


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