Here's Why You Should Always Put Toilet Seats Down Before Flushing

At one point or another, everyone forgets to to put the lid down before flushing the toilet. Some just don't do it at all. If you're one of those people who have a habit of never putting down the toilet seat before flushing, you might want to read this! 

A professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, Charles Gerba, has waded into WHY you SHOULD get ride of the disgusting habit of leaving the toilet seat up. 

The professor, Gerba, says "You get a good spray out of the toilet area. When droplets come out of the toilet, it looks like the Fourth of July. 

Not putting the toilet lid down before flushing the water allows a cloud of bacteria to explode into the air.

This showering of bacteria can settle on nearby surfaces in the bathroom, including toothbrushes, towels and even walls.

It can be known as the 'aerosol effect' to some scientists, but others refer to the unpleasant scenario as 'toilet plume'.   


If you're thinking it's not that big of a deal, well experts warn that this increases the risk of viruses such as: the winter vomiting bug, or norovirus!

Jason Tetro, a visiting scientist at the University of Guelph, said each time you flush 'an aerosol is created due to the rush of water into the bowl'. 

"When this happens, any microbes deposited into said toilet may be sent into the surrounding environment.'. 

Microbiologist Philip Tierno previously told Tech Insider: 'It is a good idea to lower the seat, especially if the bathroom is used by multiple people.' Think about your work place, or if you share the restroom at home with a lot of people. 

This is because aerosol plumes can be transported up to 10 inches above a toilet seat when it is flushed - and remain in the air for up to an hour!


Just leaving this here for you guys to become a little more aware about what experts are researching. Hopefully this was helpful! 

What do you guys think? 

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