A Youth Mariachi Band Gave Plane Passengers A Surprise Performance (WATCH)

Southwest Airlines passengers got an unexpected form of entertainment during their flight. 

A group of young musicians performed aboard a flight filling the cabin with joy. The Pilsen based Chicago Mariachi Project were on the Southwest flight when they took out their instruments and performed in the aisles of the plan! AMAZING! 

The group, which consists of four adults and 12 kids aged 13 to 18, strummed their instruments while singing for the confined crowd. Watch the adorable video below which was posted on the group's Twitter account: 


My heart is so warm right now! Look at how shy, yet so confident they look! That takes a lot of guts to just get up on an airplane and start performing for a bunch of strangers!

The passengers were smiling as they listened and were taking out their cellphones to record the mariachi group.

Now if you're wondering how and why the young mariachi group got up to perform, 'The Block Club Chicago' interview the leader of the group, Álvaro Obregón, to get the details. 

According to Obregón and 'The Block Club Chicago', they were on a layover in Dallas when the flight staff approached them and asked if they’d be open to performing on the plane to Albuquerque

The group agreed. Then, once they were up in the air, the flight attendants announced to the passengers, “We have a big treat for you guys! We have on board a mariachi band!

The other passengers looked around for the band, and the kids stood up and began performing, “El Carretero,” a “very beautiful”and “very traditional” song about a man going through a town with his wagon, Obregón said. Awwwww. If you guys could see how much I'm smiling right now, you guys would smile too! 

The other passengers applauded at the end of the performance, and the pilot came out after the landing and congratulated the kids on their performance. 

Below is a photo of the entire group on their way to their annual study trip to Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque! This was way before the performance happened. 

Let's make this kids go viral! They deserve the exposure and attentions. 


A big shout-out and congratulations to The Chicago Mariachi Project. Your art is something that deserves recognition and love. Hope to see you guys in the future. 

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