Neymar's Rolling Has Been Turned Into A KFC Commercial

Brazilian soccer player, Neymar, has made his rounds (literally) as around the internet as a meme. Many soccer fans have called out the soccer player for his over-the-top acting during soccer matches. 

Well, the popular fried chicken chain, KFC, has joined the many others calling out the Brazilian soccer player for his over-the-top acting. KFC in South Africa's newest TV advertisement takes a hilarious jab at the athlete's "rolling on the floor while crying in pain" antics to sell some chicken.

Watch below:


The star player’s "acting abilities" were even more evident when he dramatically reacted to having his foot stepped on during Brazil’s 2-0 win over Mexico at their Monday World Cup game. 

Prior to that, during the game between Brazil and Serbia, he flopped to the ground and rolled round after being knocked off his feet while going out of bounds! If you've watched those games, you know exactly how over-dramatic and HILARIOUS Neymar's behavior is on the field. 

Here's a video compilation of Neymar, titled "Neymar Actor or Player?". Watch below:


Neymar’s now famous reactions have quickly turned into a number of viral memes circulating social media. 

With over 98 million followers on Instagram, the soccer play has not commented or publicly acknowledged the famous memes or about him, nor KFC's TV spot. 


While the KFC never explicitly references the soccer player by name, soccers fans get a clear and obvious clue that the marketing people behind the ad wanted in on the fun.

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