There Is An L.A Mural Exclusively For People With Over 20K Followers

Los Angeles is full of stunning murals, which means plenty of opportunities to capture that perfect Instagram-worthy photo. 

There is, however, one specific mural that is exclusive to social media "influencers" who have verified social media accounts or more than 20,000 Instagram followers. 

This "private" mural features a painted pair of wings underneath writing that says 'City of Angels". It is located at 7753 Melrose Avenue. 

Unless you actually have 20K followers, or are verified, you may want to think twice before making a trip down there. They have a SECURITY GUARD on site to make sure you are actually an "influencer". 

Instagram user @justincaffier - who is Twitter verified - shared news about the mural on his Twitter account:  


“We apologize for the inconvenience. See security staff for proof and access,” a sign next to the entrance of the “Private Mural” reads. It also instructs users to tag the accounts @likeandsubscribe on Instagram and @likeandsubon Twitter.

The "Like and Subscribe" account that set up this mural also tweeted that the mural "may become public soon." So stay tuned and see if 'regular' folks will be allowed to snap a shot here. The associated Twitter account promises some clarity is “coming July 9th 2018.”


The exclusive mural has received backlash online, but the creators of the mural Tweeted: “Disappointing to see a few verified influencers getting upset about the mural. There is no reason to be mad! We created it specifically for you. Instead of the negativity, come down and take a great photo!”

If this mural is to go public, will you guys go take a picture? I want to hear from you guys

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