McDonald's Will Offer A Free 'Frylus' For National Selfie Day

It seems these days restaurant chains across the country are going to extreme lengths to stand out from their competitors. McDonalds is no exception! 

McDonald's is trying to take your selfies to the next level with the release of its new "Frylus." Now, before you burst out laughing, a Frylus is golden-colored stylus for your smartphones/tablets but its modeled after a FRENCH FRY! 

The Frylus comes In anticipation of National Selfie Day June 21st - so the 'golden arches' chain has created the perfect solution for anyone whose picture taking has been ruined by greasy fingers.

McDonald's is collaborating with Instagram sensation and amateur model Kirby Jenne, Kirby Jenner to debut the Frylus and is going full force with promoting it. “He’s a man who knows his way around a selfie, and he’s ready to inspire you to take mess-free selfies,” McDonald's stated in a press release.

Check out the hilarious video posted on the fast-food chains' verified account below:


No, you cannot eat the Frylus...I'm sorry...but its purpose is to touch the screen and push the buttons on your device to achieve what they're calling a "mess-free selfie."

I mean, let's be real. It's happened to all of us, where we'll be eating and some of the grease from or food gets on our phone...or sometimes even sauces! So shoutout to McDonald's for thinking of our phone habits!

This creation comes after McDonald’s invention of “The Frork,” a fork with French fries as the prongs, used to scoop up any ingredients that fall from their burgers. Who remembers that? 

100,000 of these “grease-free” styluses will be given away for free with the purchase of a Quarter Pounder or Double Quarter Pounder on June 21st at over 2,000 locations while supplies last. 

Check out to see if your local McDonald's will be giving them away! 

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