A Study Finds That Millennials Prefer Drinking At Home Than Going Out

Milennials are making headlines, but this time for apparently being too lazy to go out! 

 A survey conducted by market research firm, Mintel, found that milennials prefer drinking at home more than other generations! Milennials aged 24-31 were surveyed, and nearly 30 percent of them reported that they prefer drinking at home because going out takes "too much effort." 

On a side note note - the baby boomers generation had only 15 percent who felt the same way as milennials. 

It can be said that the reason why milennials feel it is too much effort to go out is because of the "convenience lifestyle" we've grown accustomed to. Think about it...Postmates, Ride-sharing, Amazon and even dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have made just about every aspect of life convenient from the comfort of your couch! So why not drink at home too?  

As expected, folks on Twitter got snarky with each other about this new study! 


Milennials on Twitter of course had a totally different perspective and went on to explain why the choice to stay home has a lot less to do with laziness and has to do more with money.  


Money wasn’t the only thing convincing people not to leave the house. Seventy-four percent said drinking at home was more relaxing and 38 percent claimed it helped them to control their alcohol intake

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