Disney Fans Noticed Something Different About Cinderella's 3D Design

The trailer for "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2" is out and Disney fans everywhere are FREAKING out! 

The trailer gave fans a glimpse of the return of some favorite characters from the first film, BUT most importantly, the second film features DISNEY PRINCESSES! 

Watch the clip below:  


One princess, in particular, stood out to fans and it had nothing to do with the broken glass slipper that she used as a weapon!

Cinderella’s 3D design looks very different from the original cartoon version, despite still having the beautiful blue gown, the classic updo and the gorgeous gloves!

One Twitter user was able to point out what the "difference" was...can you spot it in the picture below? 

Cinderella on "Wreck It Ralph" - Courtesy of Pixar Studios

The 1950's Cinderella appeared to not have ears. Did she just not have ears, or were they tucked underneath her hair? Guess we'll never know. 

There is always the chance that when Cinderella’s fairy godmother magically made-her-over, she forgot to include her ears? 

Maybe that's the reason why she missed the clock striking midnight? 

Here are the two screen-grabs side by by side so you can see the differences between 3D version and the 2D version.  


I mean, how hilarious! Hopefully we get an explanation as to why they decided to put ears on the 3D version of Cinderella! This is an exciting gathering, and I can't wait to see the movie! 

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