This Instagram User Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Looks

There is a young man on Instagram who has gained more than 7000,000 followers by recreating some of the world's biggest stars' looks. 

His name is Emauele Ferrari - known online as Emi and he takes celebrity red carpet moments or everyday looks and recreates them in an over-the-top, and sometimes ridiculous manner.

The Italian social media figure uses objects found around his house to to recreate his hilarious and outlandish looks! Some of the pictures will have you wondering why he has such products in his house! 

Emi told  Bored Panda where he found the inspiration to start his meme-like Instagram account:  "I noticed how some clothes in the fashion world were really so absurd and in my mind I recreated them with material I had at home. So I decided to open my account and get crazy"

Here are some of the most-liked and in my opinion, the most impressive looks he has recreated: 


These are hilarious and honestly so amazing! He definitely has a creative and jovial side! What do you guys think? 


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