California Rolls Out Digital License Plate Pilot Program

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The out-of-state license plate game was a great way to pass time while stuck in traffic. How about the digital license plate game? Soon, you'll be able to do that. California cars will soon be spotted with digital license plates as part of a pilot project.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the state Department of Motor Vehicles is teaming up with the digital plates' maker, Reviver Auto, to begin marketing them for sale at auto dealerships. Sounds like the future really is here.  

Sacramento last week became the first city to agree to test the plates! The plates are not available through the Department of Motor Vehicles. They come with their own computer chips and battery.

Dealerships are expected to sell the plates for $699, not including installation costs. Users also must pay a monthly fee of about $7.

Some people are already showing off their new digital license plates:


The new plates use the same computer technology as Kindle eBook readers, along with a wireless communication system!

Here are the cool things about upgrading to a digital license plate: Motorists who choose to buy the plate can register their vehicles electronically and eliminate the need to physically stick tags on their plates each year (uh, yes please!). They also may be able to display personal messages (if the DMV decides to allow that).

If the car is stolen, the plate's manufacturer says the plate can tell the owner and police exactly where the car is or at least where the license plate is if it has been detached.

Are you willing to pay the big price for these digital license plates? Tell me what you guys think! Is this another step towards a totally digital future?

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