Jimmy Kimmel Reunites ‘American Idol’ Alumni In Hilarious Video

American Idol's epic return just concluded, crowning Maddie Poppe as the new American Idol. Congratulations! But do you ever wonder what happens to the contestants post American Idol?  

Jimmy Kimmel united a few of American Idol's most memorable All-Stars - who didn't necessarily make it far in the competition - in an epic parody performance song answering the age old question: where are they now?" Watch below:  


Can you imagine how much time and effort must've been put into making this happen? Jimmy Kimmel told the audience of his late-night show that he went to great lengths to form the reunion. He tracked down the show's alums and even had to book a recording studio! 

The Idol reunion featured: William Hung, Sanjaya Malakar, Haley Reinhart, Kevin Covias, Antonella Barbara, Raynaldo Lapuz, 'Chewbacca Girl', Scott MacIntyre and "General" Larry Platt.  Hung and Malakar, in particular, joke at one point that being asked to be a part of the gag was “the first call for some of us in years.” 

Are they poking fun at themselves? Oh absolutely! They know for sure their American Idol appearance earned them popularity, whether that be in a comedic way or not. 

Here is a quick update on where the featured Idol alumni are: William Hung is currently single, Sanjaya Malakar says he works at a bar “mixing signature cocktails” while doing construction on the side. Chewbacca Girl (real name: Trista Gieise) now drives for Lyft and Uber, and Kevin Covais sings that he is now a notary public in Los Angeles. See, they're just like the rest of us! 

HILARIOUS! This made my day. 

American Idol will be back for season 2 next year! 


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