This Amazing Brazilian Artist Gives Barbies Makeovers

There is an artist in Brazil who creates very realistic custom Barbie dolls that will leave you not only amazed, but in reality...jealous.  

Check out some of his work and see for yourself how amazing realistic his work looks. 


His name is Rafinha Silva and he shows off his incredible artwork on his Instagram page We Love the Royal Dolls. He says that he as always had a lot of affinity with art, and drawing women with long hair! 

He doesn't actually mold the Barbie doll, but he does use ordinary doll-heads as the base to his art. A client will request a certain look, and he then orders the parts, removes the existing paint and hair and then makes the dolls next-level-fierce.

"My first inspiration was to create a doll with the characteristics of the singer Amy Winehouse... I loved the experience of being able to customize, and I wanted to be able to continue producing more and more pieces."


It get's better! Rafinha Silva also gets inspired by celebrities and movies. He has not only made life-like dolls that resemble celebrities like Britney Spears, RuPaul, and Cher, but also has recreates Disney Princesses! Check out how amazing they are! 


His work has really caught the internet's attention and has even earned the follow of Rihanna. Tell amazed were you guys!?!

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