JetBlue Will Deliver Fresh NYC Pizza To Los Angeles

Photo: JetBlue

New York pizza is a big deal. If you've tried it, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't, your opportunity to try it is here....and you don't have to fly to New York! 

The airline JetBlue is taking pizza deliver and second-mile service to new heights....literally. In what could be the most delicious marketing stunt of all time — dubbed “Pie in the Sky” — the airline is traveling cross-country to deliver Los Angeles-dwellers authentic New York-style slices courtesy of the ever-iconic Patsy’s Pizzeria! Tell me this isn't the coolest thing you've heard all week? 

This next-level pizza delivery will happen from May 9 through May 11! JetBlue will fly 350 cheese ($12) and pepperoni ($15) pies from JFK to LAX each day. People on the ground will deliver to select areas in LA, right to your door. Ordering opens at 12 a.m PTD daily! Now if you're doing this, check out their website, and get the details on how you can get the pizza delivered to you!  (

Award-winning director and producer Spike Lee is involved in the promotion of "Pie-in-the-Sky! Check out JetBlue's promotional video below: 


In a release, Lee called pizza an “institution and culture” that has become one of the “symbols of the city’s identity.” And Patsy’s — which opened in East Harlem in 1933 — is one of the city’s oldest coal-oven pizzerias! 

I am so excited for this! Mark your calendars for May 9th, because we're getting pizza flown to us! 

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