LAX Tests New "Where-To-Go" Light System for Restrooms

We all know how awkward and embarrassing it is when you peek into a stall to see if it is occupied, and someone is sitting in there.


Well, the end of those awkward attempts to peek into a restroom stall is here! 

Los Angeles International Airport is debuting new technology that will let you know whether a restroom stall is occupied or not through a "smart restroom traffic management" system known as Tooshlights.

Tooshlights will unveil the new system in American Airlines Terminal 4 this week (Wednesday).

The system links ceiling-mounted indicator lights with “smart” latches on the stall doors that can sense when they are locked.

When a stall is available, the light above it is green, and when the latch is activated, the light turns red. Brilliant, right?  We've seen technology like this in parking garages, that help us find parking much easier!


If the smart restroom pilot is successful, LAX will add it to additional restrooms in Terminal 4 and then throughout the airport.

LAX isn’t the only airport where passengers will find a lighted traffic system in the restrooms. Tooshlights CEO Klevens says at least five other airports are lined up and ready to go.

Allen Klevens, president and CEO at Modus Systems, the parent company of Tooshlights says: “A common problem in facility design is flow of movement, which affects passenger satisfaction.”

If dirty public restrooms aren't your thing, Tooshlights may be the solution to this! The new technology will also provide real-time data to assist airport management in tracking usage of restroom stalls to facilitate maintenance services. 

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