Here’s How Much You Might Be Spending This Wedding Season

Attending a wedding can get a little pricey. Finding the right thing to wear, gifts and any other accommodations can really impact your wallet. A recent report by revealed that Americans are spending an average of $728 to attend a wedding. 

Of course that average cost depends on your relationship with the couple. Here's a breakdown of the survey from Bankrate:

If you are a wedding party member (bridesmaids and groomsmen, mom + dad), then the $728.19 applies to you. 

If you are a close friend or a family member, then your average cost to attend a wedding is $627.72.

If you consider yourself a distant family member or friend, then you can expect to spend an average of $371.60.


Uh, yikes that can really add up! Of course we all want to be supportive of our friends and family that are getting married, but keep these prices in mind. 

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