Google Doodle Honored Mexican Astronomer Guillermo Haro


Google's latest homepage Doodle celebrated an important Mexican astronomer, Guillermo Haro. March 21 marks what would have been Haro's 105th birthday.

The beautifully doodled Google home page used the face of Haro as an "o" in between constellations which together spelled out the word "Google." 

If you're learning about Guillermo Haro for the first time, he is best known for discovering a type of nebula now known as Herbig-Haro objects. These bright clouds form when jets of ionized gas from young stars collide with nearby clouds of gas and dust. He also discovered a type of star, now called flare stars, which flares brightly across the whole electromagnetic spectrum for a few minutes at a time.

If astronomy is a foreign language to you, don't worry... Simply knowing that Haro advocated for astronomical research in Mexico is enough to know why he was being celebrated on Google's homepage. 

In 1959 he became the first person from Mexico to be elected to the Royal Astronomical Society. What an accomplishment! 


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