This Man Photobombed His Wife 11 Years Before They Even Met

There's that saying that everything happens for a reason, right? Well this story proves it true and it will blow your mind! 

A couple in China recently discovered that they were both at the same place at the same time 11 years before they met.

Check the two photos out:  


Ms. Xue and and her husband Mr. Ye both happened to both be at May Fourth Square in Shandong Sheng, China taking pictures in front of the amazing architecture.

The couple made this discovery while looking through old photos and saw that Mr. Ye was literally photobombing his wife-to-be's photo. Literally a few meters apart! WOW

This incredible coincidence sounds like a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie. 

The story seems to have melted the hearts of Twitter users:


Honestly SAME! I'm going home and looking through my childhood photos to see if I can find clues on who my future husband will be.

Or maybe, I'll visit May Fourth Square, take some pictures, and hope my future husband is photobombing me. 

I mean just look at how beautiful this place is...perfect for finding love! 


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