A Vendor in Mexico Uses A Parody of 'Gucci Gang' to Sell Bread

I love scrolling through social media and seeing how creative people can be, ESPECIALLY when it can make me laugh!

Check out this hilarious video of a vendor in Mexico using the popular song 'Gucci Gang' as the theme song to help him sell his bread.

Watch below: 


The song, 'Vendo Pan', was originally created as a parody by YouTuber Monoloco, and it translates to "I sell bread."

The song goes:

"Vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, vendo pan, me pongo a las 5 (yeah), menos los domingos (si), traigo en mi triciclo (wuuu), pan bien calientito. "

For my non-Spanish speakers, the song translates to: "I sell bread (8x), I start at 5, not on Sundays, I have my tricycle (wuuu), nice warm bread." LOVE IT!

As you guys know, I gave up tortillas for Lent...but bread is still a go for me! 

So, if I saw this guy on the street, I would buy pan from him...and probably dance too! 

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