What Does Your Doodle Say About You?

Consultant Graphologist Tracey Trussell has analyzed the most common doodles. You know, those mindless sketches you draw on paper when you are in a meeting or on the phone. 

From flowers to stars, there‚Äôs much more to them and can actually say a lot about who you are! 


Circles: The need to belong, love and be loved.

Squares: A down-to-earth, practical and constructive nature.

Triangles: Reflects a dynamic, powerful and ambitious nature.

Hearts: Tell of an affectionate and sentimental nature.

Webs: Reveals calculating personalities who are good at enticing people into a particular situation.

Flowers: Expresses confidence and the enjoyment of a good social life.

Boxes: Shows materialism.Coils or spirals: Doodlers thrive on variety, creativity and growth.

Patty Rodriguez

Patty Rodriguez

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