Oprah Goes To The Bank For The First Time In 29 Years And We Are All Crying


Imagine being so rich you don't need an ATM pin or have the need to step inside a bank

Until recently, it had been 29 years since Oprah Winfrey has set foot inside a bank.

During a YouTube interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah was asked for her ATM pin and Oprah said she did not have one! 

She then continued, “I went to the bank recently because I hadn’t been to the bank since 1988.” 

Ellen then asked, “What did you go to the bank for?” and Oprah said, “To deposit a million dollars.

She said, “Yeah, I just wanted to go there just to do it. I stood in line, just to do it.”She said, “It felt fantastic,” and then corrected the amount of money that she was depositing, “Actually, it was $2 million.”

You guys, she went to the bank to deposit a $2 million check!! 


Patty Rodriguez

Patty Rodriguez

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