When This Mom Says "Walgreens" Husband Knows It Code Word For This


Every mom has their happy place and and for Jill Elliott Vardaman, Walgreens is her happy place.  

So every time she says its her Walgreens day, her husband knows exactly what she means. Not sure It's code for a very bad day and she needs to get to her local Walgreen STAT. 

 In the video, which she filmed in Aisle 24 of her local Walgreens, she says:

My dear husband would call me coming home from work and say, "Hey, do you need me to pick anything up?" I'd say, "No, I need to run to Walgreens." And he'd say, "What do you need? I can stop." No, I need to go to Walgreens. I need to count toothpaste, I need to read every greeting card, I basically need to run away from home. I always promise to come back. It just means it's been rough and I need to get away. So for the last nine-plus years, that has been code in our house for if I've had a bad day. So if I say, "Yeah, it's been a bad day," he'll say, "Is it a Walgreens day?"

Some days she's fine, but when things at home are especially hard? "There's not even a Walgreens big enough," she admits. "The distribution center would not be enough."

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