This Wife's Grocery List for Her Husband is Hilarious


 Era Golwalkar's tweet went viral this week when she posted a grocery list she made for her husband.

Her list had very explicit instructions, leaving her husband very little room to mess up the shopping.

Her list included items such as potatoes and onions, which even came with illustrations so her husband knew exactly what to get. She even specified colors and condition.

“This is the task I gave to my hubby last weekend! Even (you) guys (should) follow this list for happy customers,” Golwalkar wrote on Twitter.

After her post went viral, many Twitter users demanded a "key" with more detailed explanation and she gave them what they wanted! 

In the key, she details why the tomato color is important; red tomatoes, which are ready to use, and yellow ones, which last longer. Drawings of onions with and without growths distinguish which are ripe and which are not. 

I am going to take a guess and say this is a very happy marriage! 

Patty Rodriguez

Patty Rodriguez

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