Boy Who gave Money to Dorian evacuees Gets Trip to Disney World (WATCH)


OMG this is just amazing!! So last week his story went viral, six-year-old Jermaine Bell of Jacksonville, Florida saved up h is money to take a trip to Walt Disney World for his birthday. After Hurricane Dorian, Jermaine decided to donate his saved up money to those affected by Dorian.

Jermaine used his money to buy hundreds of hot dogs, bags of chips, bottled water and served them free of charge to. hurricane evacuees who passed through the South Carolina.

His good deed went viral and many were inspired by his act of kindness. Jermaine celebrated his seventh birthday over the weekend and got a huge surprise!! Mickey Mouse and a group of Walt Disney cast members showed up to let him know he still gets to go to Disney World!! Yup, they are sending Jermaine and his family to the Walt Disney World Resort where the family will enjoy a VIP getaway later this month.

So amazing!!  

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