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Propositioned on Prop 25 - Will Voters Bail on Cash Bail?

California's Cash Bail System Eliminated By Gov. Jerry Brown

For the season finale of Propositioned, KFI's Kris Ankarlo examines the final measure on this year's ballot, which has targeted the bail industry. Proposition 25 is asking voters if they want to bail on the cash bail system.

First, here's what your vote would mean according to Ballotpedia:

  • A "yes" vote is to uphold the contested legislation, Senate Bill 10 (SB 10), which would replace cash bail with risk assessments for detained suspects awaiting trials.
  • A "no" vote is to repeal the contested legislation, Senate Bill 10 (SB 10), thus keeping in place the use of cash bail for detained suspects awaiting trials.

Proposition 25 came about after the state legislature passed SB 10 in 2018 which was a bill that ensured criminal defendants would no longer have to post a cash bond to be released from jail while they waited for their case to make its way through the Justice System. In its place, a computer-based 'risk-assessment' model would be used to asses the a defendant's risk to the community. The law was temporary shelved after the bail industry in California put Prop 25 on the ballot.

Kris spoke with both sides to get a better understanding of Prop 25 in the final episode of the season.



Jeff Clayton, Executive Director American Bail Coalition

Mike Gatto, Spokesman No on 25


Democratic State Senator Bob Hertzberg

Sam Lewis, Executive Director Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Photo: Getty Images

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