Lizzo Spreads Inspiration at KIIS Jingle Ball 2019

Lizzo just turnt up the 2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour presented by Capital One stage coming out strong with an entourage of Lizzo Little Helpers performing Good as Hell. The energy was through the roof as viewers watched the 8 time Grammy nominee rock out in a Santa duster over a pair of daisy dukes.

“Close your eyes and say 'I love you me,'” she urged the crowd, feeding out inspiration with each word she spoke.

"Now this is a very no judgment crowd, no shame in your game. If you want to wiggle I want to see you wiggle. If you want to scream I want to hear you scream!”

The crowd was already in a great mood cheering on Lizzo, but she took it a step further asking them to cheer as they did opening up the show.

"One more time can you pretend that I’m Jimin from BTS? Wow so that’s how the other side lives!”

Eventually the santa duster was replaced with a wedding veil to compliment her Truth Hurts performance. The artist held a bouquet in her hands that she tossed out into the crowd to a lucky fan. And of course, it's not a great Lizzo performance if a flute doesn't make an appearance. It's safe to say that Lizzo owned the stage tonight.

In addition, she performed, Cuz I Love You, Water Me, Tempo, Big Girls Dance Break, Juice.

Tonight's amazing performance comes as a much needed distraction from some drama that recently circulated in the Twitter world. A user accused Lizzo of paying of radio stations to bump her music to the top of the charts. User @Miltonnnnn5 quoted a tweet from @PopCrave showing “Water Me” has risen to #15 on iTunes, writing, “Mfs not even hiding the payola and bots anymore.”

Skeptics question how Lizzo's 2017 song "Truth Hurts" and her 2016 song "Good as Hell" are able to top the 2019 charts even though upon initial release they were fairly unknown.

Lizzo responded to user @Miltonnnnn5 claim by tweeting "Actually Walmart just used my song 'Water Me' in their Black Friday commercial and because of Shazam and the #dealdropdance its becoming popular... but go off 🤠."

In a separate tweet, she continued by writing, "Y’all think it was the plan for all my old ass songs to be #1? I have a whole album the world hasn’t even heard yet. We can’t plan how it happens when it’s your moment it’s your moment.. I always believed in me I just needed the world to feel me. Now they do. I’m grateful."

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