Weight Loss Influencer Gracie Borst Surprises Fan With Motivational Gift

Credit: Instagram

Weight loss champion and Instagram influencer Gracie Borst helped us surprise local Cal State Northridge student Isabel Melgoza on Friday, October 20. The communications major wrote to On Air With Ryan Seacrest in part of #KIISCampus to share how she’s been influenced by Gracie, who has completely transformed her body and lifestyle.

“She’s so inspirational. She lost over 110 pounds in a matter of two or three years and it’s so amazing to see her transformation and to see her grow on social media and her relationship with her husband [Tommy] is so good — they inspire each other to keep going,” Isabel shared with OAWRS of why she looks up to Gracie. 

Gracie then surprised Isabel on the phone and their interaction was one of the sweetest #KIISCampus’ to date. 

“We’re all trying to do this together,” Gracie shared with Isabel. “I just wanted to set an example -- anyone can do it.” 

The Arizona native shared with Ryan that she kickstarted her weight loss after realizing it was now or never. 

"I [felt] really lazy all the time and my husband likes to be outdoorsy and he likes to play sports and I was always wanting to sit at home and watch TV so I just needed to change my whole lifestyle,” Gracie explained. “I’ve done so many quick fixes and I was like I’m going to go ahead and work out and start eating healthier and make the change already.”

Listen to their exchange above to find out what Gracie surprised Isabel with and more!

 If you want the chance to meet your favorite social media influencer or celebrity, use the hashtag #KIISCampus and tell us what school you go to, who you are inspired by and who you’d love to meet!

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