Terra Jolé Inspires Fan to Stand Up to Bullies

Terra Jolé might be small, but she packs a powerful punch. After 12-year-old Prescilla shared with OAWRS that she’d love to meet her idol via #KIISCampus, Jolé helped surprise Prescilla.

“When I moved to a different city and school, I was bullied a lot and I started watching her videos because she wouldn’t let anyone bully her and say she couldn’t do stuff,” Prescilla shared with OAWRS of why she loves the Little Women: LA star. “She inspired me to [not] let anyone bully [me].” 

In fact, Prescilla was also inspired by Terra to take up after school activities such as dance, volleyball and basketball.

“It’s such a weird age to be at 12 and if you get bullied or if anything is happening in your personal and home life … you’ve just got to be yourself and be confident with who you are,” Terra advised Prescilla after surprising her over the phone. 

The TV personality then invited Prescilla to meet her at her upcoming Fierce at Four Foot Two book signing in Los Angeles on October 3. 

Listen to the inspiring exchange above. If you want the chance to meet your favorite social media influencer or celebrity prior to making your way to class in the morning, use the hashtag #KIISCampus and tell us what school you go to, who you are following and loving and who you’d love to meet!

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