There Is a Gas Boycott Planned For July 3rd-5th In LA

You have probably have seen #Gasboycott floating around social media lately. At first I didn't think it was legit, but it has picked up a lot of traction on Twitter and Tik Tok over the past few days. It seems like it is actually happening. People are planning to not buy gas at all from July 3rd- 5th as a way to protest the extremely high gas prices.

Will it actually work though? People are telling everyone to fill up their tanks before July 3rd so that in LA and all across the country, gas stations will be out of business for a few days.

Honestly, protests and boycotts like this have never worked from what I have seen. Even if people participate there is going to be a huge surge at gas stations before and after the boycott that will completely defeat the purpose of the whole thing.

However, it might make a statement to our government that we are fed up with inflation and that something needs to be done. Will you be participating?

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