Vacationing In Space Could Be A Reality In Just Three Years

It seems like every celebrity is getting on the waitlist to go to space. But in just a few years, every day people like you and I will get the chance to go; and not just for a quick trip in a space ship. According to People, the world's first space hotel is set to open in 2025. The tourist destination will be called "Pioneer Station." It will be able to house 28 people. In 2027 a larger hotel will open that will be able to house 400 people.

Our vision is to make space a destination people will yearn to visit, with familiar elements provided by the presence of gravity," said Tim Alatorre, Chief Operating Officer for Orbital Assembly Corp, according to People.

And don't worry, we won't be floating around up in the air. There will be artificial gravity that will allow guests to walk freely like they would on Earth. Pretty cool, right?

You can check out the layout and pictures here.

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