Black Eyed Peas Talk 'RITMO', Working With Jaden Smith & More

The Black Eyed Peas stopped by the KIIS-FM studios in Los Angeles to catch up with JoJo Wright and chat about their new music., and Taboo were so excited to see JoJo and Will talked about how every time they released new music over the years, the stopped by KIIS to promote the songs with JoJo!

Every time we come around the circuit you are that good luck charm for us. Every time we come around and we have a song, if we don't come by JoJo on the Radio, the songs have never really taken off. So the fact that we are here with JoJo on the Radio, we're about to take 'RITMO' to a totally next level.

J Balvin is featured on the Black Eyed Peas song "RITMO", but they also have a version with Jaden Smith. The guys briefly talk about Jaden.

Jaden Smith is the next dude, I'm calling it right now. How we see Drake, how we see Travis Scott, how we see all the folks that are a little to the left and really make us love their whole artistry and add color to our lives with their music, I'm calling Jaden Smith the next.

Check out the full interview with Black Eyed Peas above!

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