Ally Brooke Talks 'No Good', Her Family, Time To Shine Tour & More

Ally Brooke stopped by the KIIS-FM studios in Los Angeles to chat with JoJo Wright all about her new music, tour and more!

A couple weeks back, JoJo visited Ally in the recording studio where he first heard her new single "No Good", as well as some other songs.

I'm going to put out a bunch of singles and later on whenever I feel like the time is right, maybe towards the end of this year, I'll put out an album. I'm so excited. I already have songs that I'm like 'yup, these are keepers. These are what I'm going to put in the vault and save for that special time and moment.' And I can't wait to continue and write more.

Ally also talked about her first ever headlining tour, the Time To Shine Tour!

Oh my gosh, this is a pretty monumental moment for me in my career, in my life... Long story short, I have been dreaming of this since I was a little girl and finally it's coming true where I'm going on my first ever solo headlining tour.

Watch Ally's full interview above!