M&M's Is Releasing Three New Flavors & My Taste Buds Are Not Ready


M&M's are about to change the game come 2019. The well-known candy brand is about to bring out some new flavors that aren't what you'd usually expect from the chocolate candy brand. Apparently these new flavors are all internationally inspired and we could see them being available in Winter/Spring of 2019! 

These new flavors consist of Mexican JalapeƱo Peanut, English Toffee Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut. They all sound pretty tasty, I'm just a little nervous to try the Mexican Jalapeno Peanut... I love spicy and I LOVE M&M's but I don't know how I feel about them together! 

It is said that M&M's is prepping for another flavors contest but it hasn't been announced on any of its social media pages yet. All we can do at the moment is get ready for the  crazy flavors to hit our taste buds! 

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JoJo Wright

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