Aly & AJ Give JoJo The 'Ten Years' Update

Aly & AJ recently stopped in to hang out and give me a little update of what's new. It's been a while since we've heard some new music from the sister-duo but we're excited to say they've released new music! 

I'm sure I've met them, if anything in passing, but not too sure if I've ever had a sit down conversation with them before. Either way, sitting down with them in this interview felt like old friends catching up, they're so fun to be with! We talked about everything from their acting careers to the new music they're putting out all the way to online dating and how that inspired their single, Take Me

So many laughs with these two, I can't wait to see them again. Don't miss out on the awesome interview with them, listen to it below and get their new music! 

In case you haven't seen their music video yet for Take Me, check it out below! I love it! 

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